USB3.0 external 4TB HDD on AC Adaptor is not recognised on PS3

Hi Everyone 

I had bought my book 3 days ago from store, its 4TB External HDD and is compatible with 3.0 and 2.0 USB

Apparently I can plug my HDD on laptop and it works fine but I cant see when I plug it with my PS3

Any help is highly appreciated

Firmware version : 1.019



I believe thee are 2 problems for the play PS3. One is the drive size the second is format. I’m not sure but think it may need to be formatted FAT32. Check out those 2 items.



Prior transferring files I have formatted HDD on FAT32

Check and see what the max drive size PS3 can use that may be the problem.


So What I have did

I have created 2 Partion of 1.8 TB on my external HDD and made one as Logical and other one as Primary (thought some one will work)

Now I had connected my HDD with PS3 via Powered USB hub and one sigh of relief that MY BOOK is appearing but no Video file is showing up ??

I have copied jus two different video files in both partitions but apparently is not showing up

I know I am close but would b really happy once my HDD is working