USB2 not recognizing external drive on Live

I have done some testing and have to decide if I return the product or if there is a fix/work-around available or pending. Here is the problem.

My 400GB external drive (3.5" VANTEC Nexstar USB/ESATA with Samsung SATA disk)  does not appear when connected to USB2. USB1 works fine. A 2GB noname USB key works in both USB1 and USB2 ports. The 400GB drive and enclosure works fine connected to a laptop. I tried both the latest released firmware and the latest beta firmware with no joy. I deleted the .WDTV folder, still no joy.

External drive works perfectly in USB2 on the non-Live version of the WD TV Media Player.

Is the Live defective or is it being picky with the external HD? The USB indicator will flash for about 2-3 seconds when I connect the eHD to USB2 then it goes out.

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The Live does indeed not work with all drives, but it’s fairly unusual that it wouldn’t work in USB2 but works in USB1.  However, it begs the question - why not just use USB1?  If you want to hook *another* drive to USB2 you could do that.

If your concern is that NO drive will work in USB2 (despite an adapter working there) then my advice would be to try a different one, even if you have to get one temporarily (Best Buy is great in this regard, since you can return items for a full refund).  Or bring it to a store like Best Buy and have them test that other port with some other drive.

My hunch is it’s probably drive specific, but it could also be a defective port – only testing will determine for sure.

I use USB1 for usb keys and adapters that are temporary. USB2 is for my permanent storage. Plus the cabling works better straight out the back and not bending a 4" radius off to the side. I saw a hint on another site about changing the LIBRARY options. I will test that as well as test the NTFS/FAT32 option. If you are saying that if the unit is not compatible then it should not work in either port then I will be returning it. Since that to me would indicate a compatible drive with a defective USB2 port. Thanks.

Well, I’m saying it *should* work that way – that is, if it works in one port it should work in the other.  But the only way to be absolutely sure is to test that port with a drive that does work in another Live (or, failing that, just some different drive on the odds that two drives wouldn’t be incompatible).

NTFS/FAT shouldn’t make a difference – most folks with a Live use NTFS because most HD source is larger than 4GB (the FAT max).  And the only library option you can change is whether you turn the media library on or off – again, should be a null factor (because you *want* the media library if all you are using is local storage.  Unless you don’t :>)

Thanks again Mike. I have another eHD I will pull out of PC service and see what it does. I should know tonight. If the other drive does work then I will most likely keep the device.

Do you know if the Live does auto-negotiation for SATA? I know it uses the USB interface (which should take care of it) but I have seen SATA1 and SATAII drives behave abnormally if one device in the chain did not handle auto-negotiation. Jumping the drive solved a lot of issues. I"ll look into it more and report back.

Well the 2nd enclosure works. It is a 3.5 Cavalry with a 1TB WD drive inside. At least now I know the port works and I can focus on the Vantec.

I jumpered the drive to 1.5Gbps and it made no difference. The drive was already NTFS. So it looks like I will have to swap enclosures to use with the live (if I want to use USB2). For the record the Vantec Nexstar NST-360SU is not compatible with the Live (using 1.2.21 released or 1.3.38_V beta firmware) in the USB2 port. The front USB indicator flashes about 12 times then goes out.

I had similar issues with the accomdata enclosure (I hadn’t realized you were using a drive enclosure or I would have guessed the problem right away).  In my case it wouldn’t work with ANY port.

The Live is sensitive to drive enclosures – for best bet use standalone drives (like WD’s Elements or some such).

Just wrapping up this thread. I did one last test to rule out the HD. I swapped drives in the enclosures. The problem remained with the enclosure.

For the record the incompatible enclosure was a  Vantec Nexstar 3 NST-360SU running the latest RELEASED ED TV LIVE firmware. The Nexstar works fine on my desktop (eSTATA) and netbook (USB2) so it will remain there.