USB Y Splitter with WD Passport 1TB - Seperate power from data

Hello. I am new to the forum, go easy on me :stuck_out_tongue:

I am attempting to connect a passport hdd to a computer that does not (Oddly enough) have supplied power to external harddrives. Do not ask me why. (Or perhaps the current is not high enough…?)

Anywho, I am thinking of purchasing a splitter Y usb cable, one femal to two males. I am thinkin if I had a phone AC Jack with a usb port plugged into one of the male usb, while the other male connected to the computer, would the device be powered and could data be transferred to the computer??? 

It sounds like it would work… 

What are your suggestions or recommendations?



I don’t know if this is going to work, is recommended to have both USB plugs connected to the computer. If do not have enough USB ports available you may try using a powered USB hub.