USB wireless realtek 8188 CU

I ordered one of the ultra mini usb wireless dongle. It is realtek 8188/8192 CU. I plugged into the WDTV live USB and booted. However, I could not see the wireless settings in my network settings. How to enable the wdtv with my USB wireless dongle. 

Is it on the list, if not it may not work.

It is in this list.

Realtek 8188CU is only a chipset.

NEITHER list says that EVERY adapter based on that chepset will work.

What is the BRAND / MODEL / REVISION of the adapter?

I have no idea. I bought this exact wireless adapter Infact I found the chipset information in the CD that came with it. 

It’s just a generic adapter…  It apparently isn’t going to work for you.   Return it, and shop for something that’s on the approved list.

ramakicha wrote:

It is in this list.

That list does not show any adaptors that have a 8188/8192 chipset and are supported by the WDTV. The 8188 chipset is mentioned in the article but does not link to any of the adaptors in the list at the top and the 8192 is not even mentioned.

Also its a helpful list but not the official WD list.

Is there any chance that WD will support the RTL8192 chipset in the future?

Which is the smallest USB-dongle wich is supported bij WD TV Live?