USB Wireless Key Not Recognized

I have just bought a WD TV Live for Christmas. It works OK with my WD Passport drive and I have no problems playing the media files. However, when I connect a NetComm NP545 54Mbps Wireless USB Adapter, it doesn’t recognize it. I am running the original firmware, v1.01.00. Would a firmware upgrade solve my problem, or do I need to buy a compatible USB Wireless Key? Thanks in advance.

When you say USB Wireless Key to you mean USB Wireless Adapter? If so Yes is the answer to your question. I tried serveral brands and models of adapters that are not listed on the compatibility list. I am using a D Link 140 and it is working great. Streaming ISO files from my desktop via a USB External hard drive using a Dlink 315 G router. Hope this help as I just got mine for Christmas as well. Best advice is research your device before you buy and continue after. It helps with the learning curve.

extrememc Please accept my apology for the long delay in answering your reply to to my original post, as today is the first time I have logged in to the forum after finding your email during a cleanup of my overful inbox. To answer your question, yes, I meant a USB Wireless Adapter. Thanks kindly for your suggestions. My solution was to buy a D-Link Wireless Access Point (model DAP-1150) and set it to ‘client mode’ via a switch on the back. This solution, whilst more expensive than a compatible USB Wireless Adapter, has worked faultlessly. Off topic, I am still having problems with my WD TV Live Media Player randomly locking up during media streaming, requiring me to power cycle the unit. This was not fixed with a firmware upgrade, but I need to recheck this, since I haven’t used the unit is several months.