USB will get randomly disconnected and its driving me crazy!

I have the WD TV Live and I am using a 2 TB HD that is plugged in through the back. It will play all files but after about 5 minutues, it gets ejected! I have tried it with all files and it is doing the same thing. I have done a restart, device wipe and I am running the latest firmware as well. Files play fine on my PC. Please tell me there is a fix for this!

The drive gets ejected? We had this issue a couple firmwares back with USB drives being connected to the back port. What firmware are you on? What happens when the drive is connected to the front port?

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I have the lateste version. Same thing happens when I am on the front usb as well, no change. Any movie will play for about 30 min and then it gets ejected and I have to reboot device

People have mentioned the WDTV stopping playback after 30 mins in  this thread but noone said their drive was being ejected. Weird.

I wonder if it is the mp4 issue. I will test that tonight. Ill play a mkv file and see if it plays

Nope, it is totally random and does it with any file. I DONT GET IT!!!