[USB, WiFi] Video playback freeze / catches up quickly

Hello folks,

I’ll try to explain my problem as precisely as possible, but I apologize if it isn’t that clear since English isn’t my mother language.

I recently bought a WD TV Live (the last model, with WiFi included). Since the beginning, I suffered from playback problems. Since I was reading files through a wireless G router (and using Samba on a Windows machine), I assumed this was a networking problem, and I purchased a DLink DIR-655 that allowed me to benefit from the 802.11n protocol. But the problems persevered.

Yesterday, I played a video file with the following properties: MKV, 876MB, H264 1280*720, Dolby-Digital(AC-3). The file was located on an external USB flash drive (Kingston DataTraveler 8GB). During the video playback, I suffered three times from the following problem:

  • The subtitles hang, even though the video and sound go on;

  • The video freezes from something lige 10-15 seconds;

  • The video catches up quickly and the playback then continues normally until next freeze.

This problem makes me think it is not a networking problem, as I was initially assuming, since I also suffer from problems with videos located on external flash drives connected to the USB port of the device. FYI, the version of my firmware is the following: 1.07.15 (european device).

Does anyone know what causes this and how I can fix it?


Looking on the bright side It was about time for you to get a N router as it is  the mainstream for at least 2 years now :slight_smile: .

I am having the same problem and my setup is wired.  My network is ok. 

Have a look at this pretty amazing thread and if you find a problem you have experienced vote for it.

I packed the device and I’m going to send it back to Western Digital on Monday. In return, they will send my a new one.

I hope this will solve the problem… Keep you posted!