USB wifi adapter + 2 pieces usb HDD drive

I have a WD TV Live and I also have 2 pieces WD MyBook Essentian 1TB.

My problem is that I can’t connect the 2 pcs HDDs and a wifi adapter.

I tried to connect the 2 pcs HDDs to 1 USB port with USB HUB but it is not works. It can recognize only 1 HDD.

I tried to connect them in every variations but it is not working.

Have somebody got a solution?

Thanks in advance!

I have a portable hdd in port 1, a usb hub in port 2 with a desktop hdd and WiFi adapter and wireless keyboard adapter, you will not get 2 hdd working in a single port unless you install B Rads firmware.

Thank you for the extremely fast response. :slight_smile:

I will try B-Ran and I will come back with the result.

Have you tried 1 hdd in port 1 and the hub in port 2 with 1 hdd and wirless adapter with the official firmware first ??

I use a wireless bridge in the ethernet port instead of a usb wireless adapter. I don’t have two usb HDs hooked up so I’m not sure it will work for your purposes but it does free up an additional USB port.

I tried in every variations the HDDs and wifi adapter. Unfortunately it is not worked.

But yesterday I updated the firmware with B-Rad. Now it is working perfectly.

I also installed some plugins and it is amazing…

Thanks again the response!

Glad you got it sorted, sounds like you can smile again :smiley: