USB vs.. Ethernet

I want to set up centralized storage on my wireless network at home.

I currently have a wireless router (N300) but it does not have a USB connection… Either I buy a new router with USB connections and get the cheaper USB disk drives or stay with my existing router and buy the much more expensive Ethernet connected drives.

Any one got ideas on which is the best way to go or is there no difference and either way works well?

If you’re looking for PERFORMANCE, a purpose-built NAS is definitely the way to go.

If you’re looking for LOW COST, the router may be better.

I’m a performance junky, so I have 5 ethernet-based NAS boxes on my network right now… :wink:

For TonyPH12345 - Thank you very much for you comments, really appreciated

5 NAS!? what are you running?

My Lacie drive is starting to have issues I think, might upgrade to a proper NAS soon, thinking Synology. 

One QNAP TS-412 with 8TB.

One QNAP TS-410 with 8TB.

One WD My Book Live Duo with 6TB.

Two WD My Book Live 1TB.