USB VOB files show, but not on network drive

I have a WD external drive connect to my PC. This drive contains a mixture of .avi, .mkv, and VOB (dvd files). When I access this drive via the “Media Server” option over the network I only see the avi and mkv. 

When I tried to connect the external drive DIRECTLY to the WD Live TV and access the drive locally, they all show up and play just fine. Furthermore, I also am able to see the cover art which I couldn’t before when accessing over the network.

Why am I able to see and play these files when connected directly, but not over the network?

Also, when I access the drive via “Media Server” it just shows the drive as if it’s part of the PC, and doesn’t differentiate the drives.

Any and all help is appreciated. Thank You

Thats the problem when using a media server. It decides what to ‘serve’ and how it ‘serves’. Use Network Shares and you will see all the files.