USB support AV capture and stream to a different wdtvliveplus?

I have 4 wd tv live plus devices and I love them all. I probably know the answer to this already, but I thought I’d ask. I want to stream XBOX games less than 20 ft away, directly upstairs:  HDMI from my XBOX[livingroom] -> wdtvliveplus[livingroom] -> wdtvliveplus[bedroom] -> tv[bedroom].  All of my wdtvliveplus devices are on ethernet to central switch and then router/nas. I am NOT gonna run anymore lines and I have already researched some wireless HDMI streaming gear, but I would like to use the tech I have. QUESTION: Can I connect an HDMI capture device between the XBOX and the USB port on the wdtvlive plus in the livingroom and stream to my bedroom with very little to no lag?

I assume not because all of the capture devices I researched require some driver installation. THANKS for ANY input or ideas. I appreciate it