USB Stick problem?

Im new to comunity, so very unfamilier with the device. 

That being said… I have 2 WD Live boxes, both connected via Hdmi to DVI adapters, and connected to 2 monitors.

 I use the monitors at trade shows , to display a 10 min movie that i want to play in a loop, each monitor/HD box, have a different 10 min clip.

I am using a usb converter to Micro sd card (basicly a usb stick) to supply the movie for each HD box…

I am having several issues.

  1. Even tho  movie is on infinity ( continus play) it will sometimes just stop playing, and the only way to get it going again is to reboot the HD box. 

  2. Sometimes it will play the first few min of the video and then restart, it again…

  3. some times it will play the movie, and then not replay it.

  4. I tried an external HD via usb to see if it would stop the problem, and no luck… (maybe that box is defective?)

A reboot will always fix what ever problem i am having…

I run these for 3-8 hours a day 3-4 days a month…

I really want a solution i can turn on and forget about. 

So any Ideas on the above problems?

Any thoughts on if i should use 

 A standard USB stick, instead of a Micro SD card in USB converter, or use ext HD via USB, or do i need a NAS, switch and network cable?

Thanks in advance…

I am trying to play .mts files… i forgot to mention.