USB / Sharing Problem


I use a WD TV Live with a hard drive WD My Passport Ultra 1 To, and the WD TV Live is connected to my network with wires (CPL)

The problem is that very often, if i try to write some files on the WD My Passport Ultra from my PC, it fail : the copy try to start but never really begin.

Sometimes, i can’t access the hard drive at all.

To solve the problem i have to unplug / replug the hard drive, annoying …

Sometimes the WD TV Live refuse to play any files that is on the hard drive, it say “incompatible …”, same action to solve problem : unplug / replug hard drive.

This problem does not exist with a seagate disk in a IcyBox IB-273StU3 Enclosure, i am very disappointed that two WD products are incompatible …

I think that when the WD My Passport Ultra stop to rotate (waking state), the WD TV Live is unable to wake him up for some reason …

Any idea ?

Add : the WD Tv Live is never powered off, i don’t press power button for 5 seconds but only once briefly, so the WD TV Live is not powered off but in “standby”, so the wd tv live try to start the copy but the wd My Passport Ultra is unable to wake up for some reason (i think)

Hmmm, seems like I read about this issue elsewhere today, bro.  :wink:

Well, i think the problem comes more from the WD My Passport Ultra than the WD TV Live.

It don’t take the wake up command into account and i doubt there’s a way to fix it.

my guess

the passport ultra does not have it’s own power source

WD being a very low power device

may not be able to provide the power to wake it back up over a usb connection only

it’s generally known that if a hdd does not have it’s own power source, it might not function correctly with a WD media player, or at least that the long standing observation from prior devices

additionally there is an official list of supported devices, including hdd’s, and the passport ultra is not listed