USB share permissions - bring back private access

Please include the ability to make USB shares private.  Currently, USB shares are public and open to everyone.  The NAS is unusable as a shared device unless all users are assumed to have full read/write access to the data on the USB device.  Apparently, previous versions/generations of WD NAS did not overlook this critical feature.  This missing feature seems to be a glaring omission in the EX4.


I created a new idea for the EX2 product ( ) with the same request for USB share permissions on the EX2 (this idea here is for EX4 so not sure if it would apply to EX2) - but also added two supplementary requests: 1. Need to NOT share the entire USB drive but rather certain top level directories on the USB drive and turning ftp ON/OFF on the USB share 2. Currently if I enable FTP access in Network settings, then the USB share automatically inherits that property instead of like the EX2’s shares where ftp access is set on a share-by-share basis.

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Here’s a manual fix to make USB shares private until WD deems a firmware fix is necessary ->