USB remote on off

After all the problems with one of my EX2 drive, im looking at getting a basic USB drive i can run backups to.

Problem is, years ago the file sharing drive with important documents on is downstairs, but mostly im upstairs now, lot of trouble moving router and drived.

My home is fully smart, use wifi sockets to turn thing on or off. Can for example shut down a drive, then toggle wifi socket to power off on to bring drive back on. All philips hue bulbs, and lots of Alexa devices.

I have a sandisk ssd, and perhaps a bigger one might do what i want. Also got my passport wifi pro

But not sure they will work as i want.

So make a schedule to backup some folders containing new or updated files, also backup my Nikon photos when new ones added.

So i want a Usb drive, dont mind paying more for a ssd, it needs to be plugged into one of my EX2 dives but switched off all the time, then switch on 5 min before backup from NAS

My passport has a button on it, so dont want to walk downstairs to switch it on, backup run, the go again to switch it off.

Sandisk ssd gets its power from usb lead, so it would be on all the time, think EX2 usb power is turned off at shutdown?

So how to switch usb drive off, buy one with a power supply, and use wifi switch to turn on the power, pre programmed to switch on 6.55 and nas does backup 7pm can have it auto switch off in an hour to be safe

What you think, would need usb 3, 2tb and a way of turning it off when not needed

Thanks, anybody doing something like this?

Health problems keep me upstairs a lot, but can control the house via Alexa devices