USB Problem

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At first i want to apologize when my english is not as good as yours.

I am new here and i heard about this Forum on the German HelpLine from WD.

At first my Problem.

I have a WD TV device (Firmware 1.03) and I connected an WD 1TB my Book Essentials HD. This external HDD has no chance to switch off with an I/O switch. So it has to switch it off by sending no Power trough the USB cord. with My PC it work great butwhen I connected it to the WD TV device and switch this one off the HDD get power form the device anyway. Is this a Problem someone knows…can it be fixed. dows anyone knows if WD plans to fix it by new Firmware

It just su** to switch the device off an i have to move to my TV an fingering in the very farest corner to pull the Powerline from it.

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This is for the WD Live/Plus Media Player – is that what you have?  If you have just a “regular” WD TV player you should go to that forum and post:

For the Live it normally does power off a USB drive attached to it… but not always.  I had one drive that wouldn’t power off with it and there was nothing I could do about it.  However, if you buy a SmartStrip power strip this will definitely turn the drive off (you plug the drive’s power into the SmartStip and when you turn off the power on the Live anything that’s also plugged into that strip turns off):

Sorry man i got the wrong Forum…:smileyvery-happy: