USB Printer can't be found

I just plugged in my USB printer to the back of my My Cloud EX2 Ultra but when I click on the USB symbol in the UI it says “There are no USB devices can be found”. I rebooted both the printer and the My Cloud device but it still wouldn’t recognize. When I do a search in windows for a network printer it won’t show up. I kind of baffled why such a simple action isn’t working. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Just curious, but what gave you the impression the EX2 supported USB printer sharing?

I take it from your answer that is does not? I just assumed it did because with my previous mydlink NAS I just plug in it and find it on the network. I assumed that a product 4 times the price would offer more functionality?

Rule 1: Never assume.
Rule 2: Never assume based on price comparison of productsbetween different vendors
Rule 3: Always read a product’s user manual to know for sure what is supported and what isn’t (preferably BEFORE buying).

The specs stated clearly that there was a USB at the back…it wasn’t obvious that this meant any USB device except printers. A printer seems like a logical device to want shared on a network. Both Synology and myDlink have this. RULE #4: keep your receipt and return the product when there is no support phone # and forum members provide unhelpful, arrogant replies.

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Rule #5: Always good idea to join a forum and avoid describing other members’ replies as arrogant right away.

Help others out here first for a bit before feeling entitled to “non-arrogant” replies.

If you had looked just a wee bit, you’d have found the support phone # by clicking the “Support” link at the top of this page and on that linked page on the top right you’d have seen “Contact Us” link. But of course, looking for it is too hard…just like looking up the desired info in the manual.