USB Port Issue

Hi all!
I have a 1-year old EX4 running v1.05.30.
I wanted to use a backup drive plugged into a USB port on the EX4 to back it up.
I plugged in a USB hard drive formatted in NTFS to the EX4’s rear USB port and I cannot see it in the shares. On that screen it doesn’t appear to be recognized. However it does appear in the Web File viewer App, although I don’t know what that means. It also shows up in the Backups menu Source or Destination window, although it cannot be selected successfully. I plugged a 16GB FAT32 thumb drive into the other USB port, and I get the same results for that one also. Both these devices show up nicely when plugged directly into my PCs USB ports.
What should my next step be?
Any help from our community will be greatly appreciated.
Regards to all,

Hello, I would try to reset the drive by pressing the reset in the back of the drive. You might also want to check if upgrading the firmware of the EX 4 can improve this issue.

I tried the reset to no avail. I desire to make a backup of my MyCloudEX4 before I move to the new firmware (which is the standard procedure), in case the device becomes unusable after the firmware update.