USB Passport Model WDBABM7500ABK-00 Will Not Mount to Asus AC68 Router Help


     I have been trying to get my  750GB USB Passport Model WDBABM7500ABK-00 to mount correctly when connected to my Router, which is an Asus RT-AC68.  The router GUI Acknowledges/recognizes that there is a drive connected.

The Router even knows the hard drive’s device name, ect…

It simply WILL NOT MOUNT… Router shows the connected drive as UNMOUNTED.

     Any advise or suggestions?

I’ve run chkdisc, reformatted twice (NTFS, default cluster size) via Windows 7 OS

–> Am also running the latest (yesterday) firmware for the router

Thanks in advance,

JD md

Have you got any kind of locking or encryption enabled on the drive?

Dealing with those requires the WD SES driver, which your router won’t have loaded or access to.

If not then does the drive connect and mount when plugged directly into a PC?

   I do not believe I have any drive locking enabled (that would require a password or the like, yeah? Which I do not have, nor did I ever set up…

   Yes, the USB Drive functions 100% normally when connected to pc laptop USB…

—> My laptop is like 6+ years old and I know my particular model of passport is also several years old…

Is it possible that newer usb hardware, like on my Asus RT-AC68 Router would not have enough power or something to power the USB 2.0 Passport??? (Don’t really think this to be an issue, just completely lost and guessing now)

Yes I did mean a password and that kind of thing - if you’ve not set it up to automatically unlock your drive on the PC then it probably isn’t encrypted.

It could be that there’s not enough power, or perhaps that your router just won’t support it. It could also be that the format of the drive is not compatible with the router’s software. Or that your router’s USB port may need to be set-up specifically - I know my router’s port has different modes for use with drives and for use with printers etc (for use for file serving or print serving respectively). It may be worth seeing if there’s anything in your router’s setup menu etc relating to the port.

But the passport drives aren’t really designed to work with hubs and routers anyway, they’re designed to work directly from PC USB ports.