USB Optical Drive?

Many thanks to the developers of this fine product :).

I have struggled for several years to keep a Media Center PC hooked to my television, with relative success, but always much effort, and the maintenance was never complete.

I am curious – Can I connect a USB optical drive to view/play my files?  I usually copy whatever movie I want to watch from my external drive to a flash drive, just to minimize wear and tear on the disk, and then play it from the flash drive.


Joe Repasky

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No, at the moment you cannot use your USB DVD drive with WDTV(Live) according to the FAQ.

PS. I am confused too and do not understand why it is impossible…

PPS. As a workaround solution try to share the DVD drive from your PC via the network. I don’t know if it works, but I guess it will work.

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Flash drives to work. Tried it when I first got mine. I am not understanding why you would want to play your DVD from a optical drive. This device is really made to use wireless or with a external drive. That is why there is a price difference between TV Live and it’s siblings. Cut the cord and go wireless. Most adapter are in the same price range +/- $10.

It doesnt work cause there are not drivers for dvd drives in the firmware.

You could take a look at the b-rad firmware, but i am not sure if there is already a dvd-mod for the live.

But if you have some linux skills you might try the firmware with debian chroot, than you could easily install

any missing drivers, if they are avaible for debian mips.

Oh but be aware that you will loose any warranty.