USB not recognized

WD TV Live Plus HD MP


purchased new March 2011

working fine no problems with 1TB My Book Studio Edition


Updated firmware on Live to 1.06.16_B, 2 days ago

After reboot from update, started watching recorded tv show.  Seemed like a bad copy so I stopped the movie and turned off the Live like always.  The next day, turned the live back on and the usb light flashes several times but does not recognize the 1TB.

Since then, I have uncabled and recabled, factory reset, paperclip reset and power cycled to no avail.

Currently about to redo the firmware update then possibly roll back to previous firmware.

I have seen this issue a few times on these forums, with a few different answers.  I have tried them all and none work.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi there, what if you check the drive itself just in case? Try to run WD’s DLG from their page and see if the drive has any errors, if it has any then replace it! If it doesn’t have then try the roll-back for testing or checking if the problem is the media player itself…