Usb network transfer of files

hi there, i have downloaded and installed the wd link program from wd, but when i go to transfer a file to the usb connected to my wd live media player it comes back saying there is a problem accessing \*****\lexar  make sure you are connected to tthe network.  i have disabled my firewalls and anti virus programs and cannot determine the problem, please help.

ok update…it seems to copy over small files but not large one. i copied over a 75mb no problems but when copying over or 211mb file but when i try a 600mb file thats when i get the problem.



 transfer the file while the drive is connected to the PC

hey there what do you mean when the drive is connected to the computere ?? i have bought a new usb stick but i am still getting the same problem?? i would love to be able to do this without having to go back and forth to copy over files when i shouid be able to copy the file straight to the stick over the network??