USB issues new WDTV Play

I bought a WDTV play today and i can´t get any USB device to work with it. I have tested 5 different types and both external disks and usb memory sticks. 
I did a system reset with my LaCie 500gb disk in and suddenly it found it. But when i unmount it and mount it back it cant find it again. 
I also have a WDTV mini and that device can read ALL the usb devices i have tested with PLAY.
Can it be because the external disk doesnt have a external power? But come on its a terrible product if only WD external disks can be used! Anyone who have the same problem? 

Have you tried resetting the device?

You can do a software reset to factory defaults (pag 130 in manual) or reset the device (the reset button on the bottom of the device - hold for one second - page 7 in the manual). Second is part of troubleshooting (page 141-142)


Problem: - The attached USB device is not visible on the Home screen.


• The media player only supports mass USB storage mode. Make sure that the USB device is configured as a “mass storage device.”
• Make sure the USB device’sfile system is supported (NTFS, FAT/FAT32, or HFS+).

From what I’ve read here on the forum, VFAT is not supported.

One more thing: when you insert the USB stick, does the WD front blue led blink? That indicates the device is being read/scanned. I also have leds on the sticks, which blink so I know the USB stick/flash is being used.

Also, WD Play it doesn’t automatically open “My Storage” app when you connect a USB disk/flash, you have to open “My Storage” app and select “Change source” (under the clock) to “USB disk” and go to the videos/photos folder.

It may also help checking the “Alerts” (the ! in a triangle), any failed USB operation should be there.

If none of the above fix your issue, then most likely you’re unlucky enough to have a faulty device. You can try additional flash/memory sticks, though.

Hope this helps.