USB interface cable to WD Black 256 GB NVME PCIE M.2

After 6 month my WD Black 256 GB NVME M.2 stopped working as booting system for win 7 ultimate (mbr1 and mbr2 not found). It’s no more working, but is stilll recognized as boot-device in the UEFI-BIOS of my asus ROG Maximus X WiFi-motherboard. Support told me to use an USB interface to check the WD Black with WD Dasboard-software on another workstation. Easy going I thougt but: nearly no interface supports PCIE M.2 Type M (NVME). Some products could work, but I don’t want to invest 60 EUR or more to make a pre-check for WD-support. Is there anyone who was affected by the same problem? Is there a simple way to check the NVME-drive via USB? Any hints for a suitable product als interface < 15 EUR?