USB Indicator Flashing Continuously

When I switch on the WD TV Live, it connects to the external hard disk drive that I have connected via one of the USB ports.

It has no problem reading files from the disk once I have navigated to the correct folder.

My problem is that the USB indicator starts flashing, which I understand means that the device is scanning the hard disk, but this continues for hours and it doesn’t seem to benefit me when I search for files.

Is the continuing flashing of the indicator an indication of a fault? Is there a preferred folder structure that I should adopt for the files on the external drive?

As long as your files are being rea dcorrectly there is nothing to worry about.  The flashing simply indicates the USB device is being accessed and is active.  If the flashing annoys you, you can place the device sideways to hide the indicators - the remote will still be able to control it, I’ve tried it and it works.

Mine is flashing for 10-20 seconds each time I turn it on.

Atfer that it stays on no matter if I play from USB drive or from the network. Docs are not clear it it shoud flash or simply  be on.

I do have a small hdd attached - 150M - and not that many files on it.

My old WDTV had playing problems while flashing. But Live don’t have any.

If you don’t have problems to play from USB drive, you should not worry.

Thanks for the responses, but I have located the real problem myself.

After synchronising the attached drive with my PC, I noticed that a couple of folders hadn’t been deleted.

When I investigated further, using windows explorer, I received warning messages when selecting these folders.

I connected the drive directly to my PC amd ran CHKDSK which reported severl corrupt and orphaned files.

I then defragmented the drive (well it seemed silly not to) and connected it directly to WD TV Live and voila the problem was gone.

The USB indicator flashes for a few seconds after switch on and then remains on permanently.