USB Imports, mirrored two separate USB cards, what happened?

Update: No responses from forum or WD support. Returned the product and invested in more XQD cards. I would advise any photographers test, test, test before relying on this product. I just wanted a third backup of images, but this ended up overwriting my card I was importing from. For someone without a second card in their camera, this could have been a major loss of images.

Hello all, figured I would post something here before sending this unit back and see if there was something dumb I did or if the drive just created big problems.

Instead of buying extra XQD cards for a main and backup camera I bought this device. Attach USB port to Sony XQD reader and go into app, USB, Import. Only copy new, don’t automatically import on detection of the device plugged in.

Here’s the problem, I kept updating the XQD’s between events at a wedding this weekend. Insert one XQD, android app, import USB. Finishes, had to power down the WD Passport and plug in the second XQD card, android app, import USB, finishes.

Get home and I’m missing second camera’s photos after about halfway through. No problem, I must have screwed them up somehow. Because I didn’t need to switch cards, I go to the cards. The XQD of Camera 2 has a mirror copy of the files on XQD from Camera 1.

Can someone tell me what could have happened? I thought this would be a good way to make a third backup of my images at events, but if it’s not copying cards and it’s trying to mirror information, it’s not going to work out for me.

I never copy/pasted anything, the only feature I used was Android App, go into the Gear. USB, Import. When that was done I powered the drive down, switched cards and repeated everything.

Thanks, this is quite confusing. I wish XQD’s had a write protect that I could flip before plugging them into the thing!