USB HUB support for WD live - When?

I have 3 usb disks and 1 dongle for wireless keyboard.

In previous versions the USB HUB was supported, and now no.

And taking into account that there are more and new devices to connect, should be necessary to support USB HUB again.

May you help me with this?


Hubs work ok with offical firmware for one disk plus wireless adapters/keyboards, have never got more than one disk per WD usb socket working. your other option will be the B Rad firmware which supports more disks.

Thanks a lot for the answer but…

Yesterday I connected through an usb hub 1 disk and 1 wireless adapter for a keyboard (rii mini). The keyboard worked fine but the disk was not detected.

May you give me some more info for run it?


Have you tried the disk in the hub on it’s own ?, if it works ok and it is a portable drive I would think it could be a power problem, try and borrow a mains powered hub to try out, then try both again.