Usb hdd's disconnecting during play

I have 2 2TB hdd hooked up to my we tv plus. And recently after the recent update its happening more often. I have the discovery software installed on my laptop running vista ultimate and I can access the drive from my laptop. Everytime I start my laptop makes a sound like u just unplugged a USB from. The movie plays fine most of the time but sometimes the movie will stop and the warning will come up saying to eject the he’d before removing. I would just back out of that screen and back to the movie sometimes I will have the option to resume. But other times I have to start over. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on. Thnx in advance.

I have similar experience with My Passport USB.3. Waiting for responses to your post.

Hello the problem with the drive disconnecting is probably due to power variations on the drive.

Make sure its not connected to a power strip and directly into the wall outlet.

I never experienced disconnects during playback the last years (WDTV and now WDTV Live) but since the last firmware update some weeks ago my WD harddisk disconnected 4 times. Its the same powersource direct from the wall outlet.

This happend with two differnt devices: first: 2,5’’ 500 GB and 1,5TB connected with USB 2.0.

Can you please check this issue at Western Digital.