USB HDD won't power down

I have a WD TV Live with the latest firmware (1.02.21) and a WD20EARS in a Vantec Nexstar 3 enclosure. When I power off the WD TV, the USB drive stays on. In fact, the light indicating drive activity on the front stays on.

When the USB enclosure is connected to Windows 7, the drive properly goes to sleep (powers down) when not in use.  But when connected to the WD TV, the drive is always on.

Is there something to fix this?



Have you tried “Eject”-ing the drive via the remote prior to turning off the Live?

Another option would be to unplug the power from the Live; it seems like when the unit is turned ‘off’ via the remote, it’s really in a slightly active standby mode, hence attached devices not registering that they should power down.

Tried that and still no change. I “Eject” the USB drive, see it disappear in WD T V but the light stays on and it does not power down.

This is a bit annoying because the drive in my Popcorn Hour C-200 does go to sleep properly. I don’t want the drive spinning all the time…