USB HDD Usable Without Internet?

I’m about to get a Live Plus, but I’ll usually be using it to watch movies stored on my USB hard drive, and doing this in remote areas without any hope of Internet or network access. The manual seems to indicate that I wouldn’t have access to the USB HDD without a broadband connection pre-existing, which would kill that hope. Is network access required to view movies on a HDD that’s directly attached to the WD TV Live Plus? Did I misinterpret the manual?


Is not necessary to have internet connection to see a movie located in your external hard drive. You just need to connect the drive via USB port to the WDTV and the device will see your drive immediately

I use a LIVE to view videos from an attached USB drive without an internet connection and it works fine!

If you are asking if you can view videos on your home drive connected to your WD, the only way you can do this is with a home network, and apps on a mobile device to access your home network from afar via interent connection. (i.e. away from home).  There is not a way to access media at home when away without using the internet.  Any other way would be purely “magic”.

Also, if you have a home network, but not internet connection, you can access your media within the home via the home network.  Internet and home network are two different things, although they very often are together in one’s home, and  when they are, they can interact with one another.

Thanks for your response. I suspect that the wording of my question was too vague, which is not a help. I’m simply talking about plugging a hard drive in to the WD TV Live via its USB connector, and watching the movie files on it using the TV it’s directly attached to. I camp in remote areas a lot, and networks that can get this package to the Internet don’t often exist, even with a cellular hotspot. My goal is to be able to watch my stored movies via the WD TV Live instead of breaking out huge binders of DVDs. No networks, no shared drives, no remote access, no NAS drives, no Hulu or Netflix, no computer. Just the TV, the TV Live, and a USB hard disk drive.

I did buy a TV Live based on the previous two answers, and now I see that the WD’s setup procedure demands a network connection in order to proceed. I am hoping that this requirement is solely to complete initial setup and perhaps firmware check/update. If it normally demands a connection to a network every time it boots up, I’m SOL.

Which live player did you buy?

In the initial setup of the newer Live streaming player (gen3) it does try to get you to connect to a network but this can be skipped and it does not ask you again unless you try to do something that needs the internet, like enter the services tab.

It’s a WD TV Live Media Player WDBHG70000NBK-HESN, and looks to be a Gen3. Got it at a big chain retail store. At first, the WD simply rebooted itself four times after trying to detect a wireless network, and repeated setup. The fifth time, it managed to stay put on the error message stating that no network could be found. The only option I’m seeing after the language prompt and automatic check for wireless is a big X on the right, which simply starts the whole process over. However, I’m going to try to run some Cat5 ethernet cable to a hub I dug out of storage, and then on to my iMac, which can be set up to share the Internet. That iMac sees all WiFi, including a Verizon hotspot I have. It’s sure not approprate for pulling down a movie from Netflix, but should do nicely for making the TV Live happy during setup. Once I make it through setup, I’m hoping that’s it and I can disconnect the ethernet. Since I’ve attached a 3TB HDD to the TV Live, I’m thinking that any available firmware update should be desireable right off the bat, preferably within the setup sequence. Should my temporary setup fail to get the TV Live to the Internet, I’ll whine again here. If you do know of a way to bypass the insistence on a network, please let me know how.

That big x should allow you to exit the setup. I tried it on my gen3 and it definitely works without internet access. I reset mine to factory defaults and went through the setup again and I could exit at the WiFi setup stage.

Hmmm, I will try it again and let it sit for awhile before I hit the X. Thank you!

Oops. I had spent so much time pouring over the Live Plus while trying to decide which to purchase that I forgot that the Live still has built-in WiFi. No juryrigging needed. Anyway, I made it through setup via the cellular hotspot, updated the firmware, and now it starts right up with the hotspot turned off. Nirvana. This thing works like a charm, though I found that while the Live is ethernetted to a computer so the HDD acts like an NAS, it’s highly risky to try to add or delete files remotely through the Live. It damaged the data and made the HDD unreadable. Fortunately, the iMac’s Disk Utility program was able to repair the damage and get it rolling again. Overall, I have to say that this WD TV Live is very impressive in use. Quick to get rolling and respond, and that’s with a 3TB drive attached!

Thank you all for your help. I made it!