USB HDD "hangs" after power off - power on. Please help

Just bought  WD TV Live, updated it to latest FW (1.02.21) and put ASUS WIFI N stick. It’s awesome!

But! :frowning: When i connect WD Elements Portable 500Gb HDD with HFS+ (no journaling), after few soft on-off’s HDD disappears from system or start work very slow, or even hangs the box.

After “hard” off-on sequence drive appears and works flawless until next “soft” power off-power on.

If i do “eject” before power off it seems that HDD appears ok after on. But this is inconvenient.

Help please. Thanks!

We’re actually looking into this.  Don’t know if it’s a bug, and no time frame on action.

Thanks for reply Bill!

I think you should add “eject” command for USB filesystems before “soft poweroff” in next firmware. Problem should be solved.

BTW, what is estimated date of release new FW for WD TV Live?

I think someone has already post the idea for adding an eject command, but you might want to check in the Ideas Lab to make sure.  So, if it hasn’t been posted, you can post it.  Unfortunately, I don’t know when the next firmware release is. 

WOW! Seems that Seagate HDD in same formfactor, capacity and filesystem works well… that strange…

I have nearly the same problem.

I have 2 WD MyBook external HD’s attached to the WD TV Live.

After a few soft power on and off, one of them powers down not correctly (one of the

two LED’s is still turned on).

I have to turn off the whole system, pull the power chord of the harddrive, get everything

together again and then it works fine.

It seems, it startetd with the last Firmwareupdate, but could also be totally coincidental.


That’s not the same problem.  The problem the OP had was a hang up, which is far different from a drive not turning off.

Many drives do not power down when the Live turns off.  You may have to go the Smart Stip route.

My Seagate also hangs… But not so often…

:frowning: only solution is to “eject” before poweroff…  WD please fix this… just add “eject” before poweroff sequence.

I have found that I can get by without ejecting before power-off so long as I am careful to hit “Home” or back out of the USB HDD area to the home page or whatever it’s called before power-off.  It’s been working alright for the last few days anyway.  I’m using the latest firmware.  You might give that a try if you find eject too much bother, but no guarantees.  Different HDDs might respond differently.


Thanks redrick!

I’ll will try this.

Fine! WDTV just screw up HFS+ filesystem on HD! Need to reformat…


Question for you.

How is the drive formatted? Is it MBR, APM or GUID?  Journaled or Non-journaled?  Is there only one partition in the drive?


Okay, Sorry, non-journaled.

How many movies are on the disk?

I have an Elements 2.5 and I don’t see the problem.

Last time it was




One partition

Formatted on my Mac

“database” off

About 200 GB Movies (both HD and SD) and 50 GB Music