Usb Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

hello guys …
I’m having problem with my network, and looked for something to solve my problem I found some models of USB adapters gigabit ethernet, I wonder if they are compatible with the WDTV live plus?


Thanks for your attention


What problem are you having with the built-in interface?

minha taxa de transferência entre o wdtv e uma placa dedicada crossover no meu pc está baixa, não passa de 6.86mbps, mesmo depois de ter trocado cabo e ter feito conexão crossoover(antes vinha pelo router).Ja testei outro cabo, ja coloquei em full duplex 100mpbs, e até agora o problema continua.

That’s not a network problem.

That’s caused by the fact that the WD’s CPU is too slow to move data quickly.


My transfer rate between the WDTV and a plaque dedicated crossover on my pc is low, no more than 6.86mbps, even after changing the cable and connection crossoover have done (before came by the router). Ever tried another cable, already put in 100Mpbs full duplex, and so far the problem remains.

but I have a friend that his network in the transfer is 10Mbps, so my guess is the problem.