USB firmware update and rollback problems


Made few checks for rollback firmware 1.00.42

And update pack to 1.01.30

wdtv lg tv hdmi conn.


Part 1:

Device with 1.00.42 update via internet to 1.01.30 - just fine.

Even without reboot after 2/2 upgrade part.

Part 2:

Take zip archive with 1.01.30 extract onto usb stick, insert into device with 1.00.42

Update goes fine, but after part 2/2 player goes to reboot and i have blank screen for more that 20 min.

No any reacction on remote.

Only ac power off on helps.

Part 3:

I take rollback archive, extract 1.00.42 onto usb stick and insert into 1.01.30 device.

Update goes fine, but after last part player goes to blank screen and nothing helps, except power ac off on.

So most part works, but at the end player need some help from human.

Also i try doing part 2 and 3 with factory reset between updates.

I suppose it’s something wrong with usb updates variant, because via network it works fine.

P.S. Same problem with wdtv live streaming while usb update from 1.01.16 to 2.02.32. Cant’t reboot itself at the end.