USB Fell Inside!

So, a couple weeks ago, the USB fell inside my External. I know that cracking it voids warranty, but I did it anyways. I bought a mount that connects SATA to eSATA and USB… I tried plugging it in and it won’t read unless I re-format my whole hard drive (in which I have some VERY vital information on)… I am completely stumped and have no idea what on earth I can do to save my memory. =( help please???

Your only option is to see if you can get a USB port soldered back on. It wouldn’t need to be a computer place necessarily just some place that fixes TVs stereos etc The board provides hardware encryption and any data recovered without it will be useless. It doesn’t matter whether you installed Smartware or a password or not.


Join The Other 4,900,000 (From Google Search) of Us.!!  Your DATA  is LOST FOREVER.  Even if it Was Possible to re-solder the Port on, or cut the wires and solder directly to the board. Take It apart and find a microscope, a magnifying glass won’t help.! Then You’ll Know for Yourself It’s ALMOST Impossible.!  Once You Remove The Board, The Hard Drive is Encrypted. You can Put Another Board, Your repaired Board, Whatever, But The Only WAY To Recover Anything Other Than the “Smartware” (sic) and Manuals is to send The Drive to a (Computer Forensics Data Recovery Lab). Believe ME, I Went Through A Living HECK The Last Three Weeks TRYing to Recover over 1.6TB of Completely Irreplaceable Video…

If You’re using it on a Desktop, Just strip It and add It inside Your Desktop as an Extra Drive,  If You Need It portable, Get a cradle, more expensive, or just a cheap set of universal cables, won’t last as long.  Just don’t drive Yourself Nuts like I was doing, working 16-18 Hr Days. If You’re like Me and Can’t Afford The $2500.00+++ Price Tag of a Lab, Just admit Your Data’s Lost and Move on. Take Care Mate.   JudgeBAT