Usb fail wd live elements to pc

when my wd elements 1tb usb on my computer is denied access.
How can I connect my PC through elements.
previously no problem.
2 days since it no longer possible.

jimwdelements, are you able to kindly provide more details to the WD Community such as your Operating System, Firmware and additional troubleshooting steps carried so far in resolving this inconvenience?

More information will allow more Users to better help you.


hello trancer

 my operating system is windows7 ultimate and Current Firmware - 1.01.10 (10/2010) on my wd elements play 1tb.

its just when i connect my wd via usb on my pc than is access dinied and can do notthing.

The first time it went without problems but a few days later I tried again and then I could not anymore.
I can not go about it
can you help me

It sounds like data corruption or a permissions issue. What if you right-click the EP, go to properties> security and try to enable read permissions for everyone?

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