USB external drives with MBLD

I have read the manual, but I’d like to ascertain that when I connect a USB external HDD or USB hub with several attached drives, that the connected USB drives will be used as additional storage but aren’t part of the RAID system?  Or is the storage on each additional connected external HDD halved to provide further duplication?

Thanks for any replies.


No RAID is applied to any USB disk.

The whole disk (or partition) is available.

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As a point of reference, I am surprised at how many errors I experienced when setting up and configuring MBLD.  I rec’d many error messages, right from the start, that were erroneous reports.  On one screen it was reported that MBLD was rebooting after a F/W update and I must wait; this continued for better than a half hour.  It was only after a WD tech call that I learned that I could simply refresh the page and continue, that the MBLD correct command was not sent to my browser.  Later, when I created a safe point the MBLD reported several times that my network connection may have problems.  Disregarding the messages saved me time and I was able to accomplish all that I wanted to–and MBLD functions flawlessly.  I am and have been a WD fan for a long time and own almost all of the company’s products, but these constant bugs in most of their devices need to be addressed.  They are annoying and time consuming.

I needed to get rid of my frustration, guys.  Thanks!!!