USB expansion question

I currently have a 2TB Elements drive plugged into the usb port on the 6TB MyBookLiveDuo. It creates a extra share on the network which works fine and great through “Windows share”, according to my WD Live Streaming player. The Media Player has an option for Linux share which from my understanding is more efficient with a lower bandwidth connection maybe?

I can open it and view all the files on both drives no problem. When it’s viewed as a “Windows share”. Althought the player sometimes has problems stuttering on high bandwidth full blu ray rips. But when I view the share as Linux my problems disappear, but the Folder/Share from the 2TB when I open it, it says there is no media content. It seems the player can see it but can not see it’s contents. The files on the 6TB can be read fine and show up and play no problems.

Does the USB expansion port support Linux Share? Or is it Windows share only? Or is there a way to change it?

I guess is because windows shares uses SMB and Linux shares will use NFS. NFS will only work with network drives.

So whatever is connected to the USB port to expand storage can only be shared as SMB and not NFS? The media player can see the folder, but it can not see any of the files in that folder. I’m no the saviest networking guy so I’m having a hard time with what exactly your saying. I get SMB=windows, NFS=linux, and NFS can only work with network drives so is the attached USB not considered a network drive?

The MBL kernel may not be compiled with the options to allow NFS exports of what is presumably an NTFS or FAT32 formatted HD. You might try formatting it with EXT3 and see if that will work… I’ve never tried it.

Linux and NFS (for USB shares) are not supported by the MBL. Not what you want to hear I’m sure, but we don’t spend much time or effort in testing in the multitudes of linux variants out there.

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Thank you for your response WDTony, definitely not what I was hoping to hear. Is there any chance that this could be implemented in a future firmware update? If it can be this would be absolutely great b/c from my understanding Linux and NFS is a much more effecient with data streaming and transferring. The sole reason I bought this device and the SMP was to have them working in harmony which they do just this aspect really puts a hiccup in my setup as now I don’t know if I should just transfer all my 2TB to the MBLD or hope the SMP or MBLD will get a update to cure this little predicament. Again very appreciative of your response.

If the problems you’re experiencing are with MKV files, there’s a bug in the WDTV that makes MKV susceptible to stuttering when using Samba.   Hoping WD will fix THAT bug, and then it won’t matter if you use NFS or Samba.