USB Expansion (Host) as ext4?

Hi there,

I’ve read  here that this is not supported out of the box, but would it be possible to manually mount the device via SSH? I’m not a Linux expert, so I’m wondering if it is.

Why I want to do this? I have a My Book Studio Edition II (2 TB) hooked to the MBLD and in order to avoid fragmentation I formatted it in ext4, then I received an error in the UI dashboard saying that a share couldn’t be created on the USB attached device.

I’m formatting it in ext3 to try again, but I assume it won’t work neither.


EDIT: well, I’ve read in the help text inside the UI that ext4 should be supported for attached USB drives. What a contradiction! Why doesn’t it work then?

Any USB device with the following file formats:
FAT or FAT32
EXT2, EXT3, or EXT4

EDIT 2: This is the alert I get on the UI dashboard:

A share could not be created on a USB device (vendor: Western Digital, model: My Book, serial number: <my serial number>, file system: ext4, label: , share name: My_Book_2).

After a lot of research and testing I got it working; I’ll post a guide as soon as I’m able to.