USB drives not turning off

I disconnect the USB drives via the mycloud dashboard and they power down. When I then turn off the mycloud drive via the dashboard the USB drives turn themselves back on again. The problem is that now the mycloud drive is off there is no option to disconnect them again via the dashboard, and no other way I can see that I can do this.

Any thoughts?

I raised this previously but my thread was ignored:

Oh, and I have the latest firmware installed.

If the NAS is turned off, you can disconnect the USB drive manually. When it is on, always first eject the USB from the UI before disconnecting the USB. I did these operations many times. You will screw up your USB file system if you don’t first eject. At least, Windows will tell you it needs to be repaired. Sometimes, Windows repair can be enough, but sometimes I had to DISKPART clean and reformat the USB disk before safepoints could be completed.

So you are saying that it is ok to turn off the USB drives by turning them off at the wall, even though they are on and the disks are spinning, as long as they have been ejected first from the dashboard?

Yes, as long as you have ejected the USB from the running NAS dashboard, you are fine. It is not because the USB disk is spinning that you may incur disk or data corruption. Unlike Windows that does a pretty good job at handling unexpected unplugging with the right settings, this NAS requires that you eject the disk. Not doing so will corrupt your disk.