USB drive on WDTVlivehub connect to a network drive on PC?

Hello, i’m french in france !!

I want to create a network drive on my PC with the USB drive connected to the WDTVlive HUB (firmware 2.04.13).

I see the USB HDD on my network but i can’t access it. :neutral_face:

When i want to create network drive, it ask me a password to enter ??

I don’t known this password ! Is it a WD password ?

Can somebody help me…please.

Thanks :smiley:

Hi, if you`re talking about the password for the Live Hub, i believe that is  “admin”, but im not quite sure of that.

Who is asking for a password, your computer or the hub?

What exactly appears on the screen when it asks for the password?

What operating system are you running on your PC?


first, thanks for your answer.

I’m on XP.

With explorer, when i try to create a network drive called  “wdtvlivehub\USB2”, i have a windows XP window (Connect to wdtvlivehub) with user name “wdtvlivehub\invité” and i must give a password…

All the password, admin or other not work ???

Any solutions !!


i find the solution !!  :smileyvery-happy:

You can have another network drive if you connect a HDD on WD USB port.

BUT…there is a BUT… the name of the USB HDD need to be very simple without space for example.

So it works…

Finally you can have an  internal 1To HDD and over big capacity external HDD… Very fine for HD movies !

Thanks for all replies.