USB drive not recognised on MBWE

Hi everyone,

I have read through some of the posts on this forum and searched for USB related questions, but I haven’t found an answer to my question.  Please bear in mind I am not completely technical, although I know my way around a laptop!

I have a Seagate 160GB USB hard drive that I was using as an extension to my PC storage when disk space became a little tight.  I then bought my 1TB MBWE yesterday (it has the white light strip down the front, I think there are other versions with a blue ring?) and wanted to attach my USB drive to it, as an extension of the storage.

I attached it this morning, but nothing happened - and when I check MyBookWorld, in USB disks under Storage, it says No USB disk(s) found!  Am I doing something wrong?  The USB drive is powered on and I attached it as per the manual (should be extremely straightforward surely?)

If anyone could give me any pointers that would be much appreciated!

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Hi all, just to confirm, I have plugged the USB drive into my PC and it is recognised straight away, it isn’t recognised when I plug it into the USB port on my NAS drive.  Do I need to do anything in MyBookWorld to ensure the USB disk is recognised?  Or could this point to a faulty My Book?

Does the USB drive power up when you plug it in? What file system is it formatted as?

Hi, the USB drive has it’s own external power supply, so I have it powered on and plug it in.  I have tried plugging it in with the power off and then switching it on but that doesn’t make any difference.  However I notice it is FAT32 where the MWB is NTFS - so should I copy all the files off the USB drive, reformat as NTFS and then copy them back?