USB Docking Station for MyPassport

Dear Community,

I am a WD Customer from Germany using very different products from WD. My newest product from WD is a MyPassport Essential that I purchased in 2009.

After a few month I saw a USB Docking Station as an accessory normally for MyPassport Elite but of course although for MyPassport Essential.

My Problem is, that this product is not available in Germany, and a purchase from WD Store US is not possible.

Can you tell me why this Docking Station is not offered in Germany? Is there any way to purchase this product anyway?

Many thanks in advance.

Looking forward to your response.

Unfortunately, we cannot answer WDStore questions like yours.  The link below should give you the contact information for the WDStore in your region of the world.  Please contact them directly for more information.  Contact link will be found at the bottom of the page.