USB docking station for HGST Ultrastar He10?

I am wondering does anyone have a good recommendation for HDD Docking station or USB interface to connect HUH721010ALE604 via USB to my notebook (it should be a powered docker)? I’ve researched a lot on this topic and I noticed that even tho some USB dockers support 10+TB HDDs, they can cause damage to HDD which I would prefer to avoid. Also HUH721010ALE604 cannot work in PC when directly powered via Sata power cable, and has to be connected via that Sata power adapter (something to do with Power-Disable feature), which is something that might be a problem for USB docker.

So, any good recommendations that are tested?

Anyone has any solution? Will contacting support directly maybe give some useful info?

i have used tooq usb dock until maximum 6TB… i only have that… see for yourself


there are new revisions of thats ame dock ( this is what i have since 2014)