USB Devices being stopped by WD HDD

I recently installed 2x120GB SSD’s in a RAID 0. I have  a WD 3TB External HDD (WDC WD30EZRX-00MMMB0) hooked up to my USB port on my tower/MOBO. The problem I am having is when I boot up my computer, this HDD is somehow trying to take control of my USB devices. What I mean by this is, when I boot up, ALL my USB devices (Keyboards, mice, ect.) are unusable for up to 1-2 minutes. Whereas, with this HDD unpluged from the system, I boot up within 13 seconds and I can use everything immeadiatly.

What is causing this issue? I have been in my BIOS and the external HDD is not even Enabled in the BIOS as a Bootable Device. I have a Rampage II Extream MOBO.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! For now, I have it hooked up to a USB Hub and Everything starts up perfectly, while this HDD taked a few minutes to innitialize, which I can live with, as I only use it to store Data on it…

Thanks in advance!

The drive does not have the ability of taking control over any feature

is just a drive

if the USB controller is not working after boot you can check your bios configuration and see if boot from USB is enabled

actually, WD got back to me with a reply: 

"Judging from the description of the issue, the computer might be running CRC checks on the drive during the Power On Self Test (POST) phase. Since it is a 3TB drive and the check is being done through a USB connection, the process might take a while to complete.

Normally, there are no workarounds for the this issue as it is hard coded on the POST phase (to check all hardware in the system). To avoid this issue, you will simply need to connect the drive after the computer has finished loading the operating system."

Not sure how true this is, but it does make sense…