USB Device Not Recognized

Alright so I have a 320GB My Passport and I keep getting the USB Device Not Recognized error.

Ever since I got it it barely ever works,  I connect the USB cable to the PC and I hear the hard drive spin (no weird noises) and I get that error, nothing shows up on Disk Management either.

After I tried and tried, I just go it to connect, don;t know how since I did the same thing as previous time, just connect the USB to the PC, and then the NEW HARDWARE WIZARD showed up and installed the drivers and it worked fine

Then I disconnected it and connected it again and got same error.

I saw in other websites, that some people tried shorter cables and it worked but the cable that came with my Passport is probably around 1ft.

So maybe the cable is the culprit but I have seen so many complaints on this website that I am starting to think it is also a defect on the hard drive itself, I still have it under warranty, but if any of you guys can share your insight, it would be helpful

THank you

Contact customer service they’ll probably send you a new cable to try. Is this a powered or USB powered drive? It may be a power issue. They also make a power booster cable.


Yeah they are sending me a new USB cable - which also powers it.