USB detection on 1.06.15

Today I upgraded to 1.06.15. Now, when I start up the WDTV Live, it takes about 90 seconds before the attached USB drive is being recognized. I did not have this problem before. It happens on both USB 1 and 2 port. The USB indicator on the frontbezel keeps blinking until it gets recognized. After the 90 seconds everything works fine. I went throught the settings but cannot find anything that might cause this. 

Can anyone tell me what to do?

Thanks in advance.


All you can really do is rollback to a firmware that doesn’t take so long to scan.

I don’t really get the variations in behaviour here.  My Live always scanned the drives before they were available, and always took about 45 seconds… 1.06.15 doesn seem significantly longer for me, but I haven’t officially timed it.  But others are reporting scan times of up to 20 minutes now, and also reporting that their drives never used to be scanned at all.  I can’t explain the discrepancies.

I will agree, however, that the 1.06.15 scanning seems “more involved” than the scanning I saw under previous firmwares… previously, I could “use” the WDTV while it was scnning – the drives just weren’t available until the scanning finished.  But now if I try to navigate while the scanning’s on-going, the menu is slower than molasses in January, and picks up to “normal” once the scanning’s done.