USB Connection

I have a MY Book that i have connected to my wireless router to due my backups with ghost 14.  My laptop will  not boot and when i use the norton recovery cd it cannot find my recovery points because of the wireless connection.

Is there a way to connect the my book directly to my pc so norton can see the drive?

Of course. Use an crossover cable to connect the NAS directly to your PCs LAN connection. Hope you have set before an static IP. Or you use an switch/hub between NAS and PC, Therefore you can use a normal LAN cable. But the cheapest way would be to use an crossover, but the IP must therefore static, or does the recovery software have an DHCP implemented, don’t think so.

is a crossover cable the same thing as a cat 5 cable?  I tried hooking them both up to a hub but could still not see the drive.  i do not have the IP address.

Where can i get a crossover cable?

can you help with the steps after plug the crossover cable to see the drive on my computer