USB connection doesn't work on Mac or Windows

Hi all,

I have a 1tb passport which connects wirelessly ok however can’t connect with a volume ID when connected by USB.
I’ve had a good read around and can’t find a solution so thought I’d ask.

Things you should know:

  • Firmware is up to date
  • Wireless connection is ok and working
  • USB connection on Mac OR Windows does not work
  • (Windows) Disk manager detects this as a healthy drive with no volume ID
  • (Windows) MountVol in CMD does not detect this as an unmounted volume.
  • Called WD phone support, was told to format the disk drive from the WD dashboard. On attempting this it told me to plug in the Disk Drive, which can’t be detected. Currently a circular reference for fixing the problem.

If anyone can help this would be great (FYI, I’m troubleshooting from Windows 10 and have limited Mac experience but can try and learn if it can be solved that way). Thanks in advance,


Which versions of Mac and Windows are you running ?

I have exact the same problem with 2TB drive. Wirelessly all is good, while when connected to via USB none of my MACs, Pro and Air, can read the device. Both MACs have USB2.0

When using the MPW in USB mode you will not have access via WIFI. This is as it should be as stated in the manual on page 20.

Stangen, Yes, in my case, I can read MPW when it’s on WiFi, but can not access it when, it’s directly connected to MacBook

Any fix with the USB connection? me too here, cannot access on both window 7 and window 10 system.