USB connected drive CORRUPTED after writing data (Mac OS file system)

WD MyPassport 2TB (Mac OS Extended formatted), connected to WD MyCloud 4TB USB port.

Every time i copy something to MyPassport, and disconnect the drive, disk verify in OS X Mavericks Disk Utility reports several errors, for example:

Incorrect number of extended attributes(It should be 4717 instead of 4715)

Invalid leaf record count(It should be 5433 instead of 5431)

Overlapped extent allocation (id = 39452)

Volume bitmap needs minor repair for under-allocation

Invalid volume free block count(It should be 1335978 instead of 1335980)

The volume MyPassport was found corrupt and needs to be repaired

After Repair Disk is run, several files are stored in “DamagedFiles” folder on MyPassport, and these files are damaged!!!

Also tried with different USB disk, same problem!!!

Any suggestions?

I am really dissapointed with MyCloud NAS, worst piece of hardware i bought for a long time.

Are you ejecting the drive before disconnecting from My Cloud?

You can eject the USB drive via the My Cloud Dashboard.

This will avoid having the sort of issues that you have described.

Of course, i eject the drive every time via the My Cloud Dashboard. The problem is not related to connecting/disconnecting/ejecting the drive. Drive is corrupted during the file copying process / writing.

MyPassport 2TB and MyCloud 4TB works fine. Did lots of large transfers via smb mostly by shell and has been connected since day one about a month ago. I only ejected it once a while if I need the drive else where temporarily. It’s NTFS though…