Usb cable lenght

Hi there

I have bought a

wd external harddisk called

my passport 320 gb and it works great.

Just had some problems with it with a long

usb cable and after i used the original cable

it just works perfectly.

So how long can this usb cable be in order for it

to work with usb 3.0 ?

If you use one longer than the one supplied their may be a problem as you found out. These drives are extremely sensitive to voltage and a lot of PCs have pretty wimpy power supplies.


Well to be exact i used an externsion

cable which is not a usb 3.0 cable but a

2.0 cable because the store ran out of the 3.0 ones.

The cable is 10 times the lenght of the supplied cable.

So the question is can i buy s shorter extension

cable that is only 2 times the lenght of the supplied cable

or is the supplied cable the only way to go ?